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8 to 18+

Core Values

Hello and Welcome!

If you are interested in online tuition for English and Maths delivered from the heart, then step on the ladder to success.

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At Learning Ladders, we foster a holistic approach to our teaching.
We are passionate about the well-being of our students which is why we strive to maintain a balance between academic progress and wellbeing.


We treat students as individuals; we listen to what they need, we tailor,and we personalise our sessions to help nurture their academic personal growth


From our years of experience in teaching, we have realised that half the battle is that children sometimes lack confidence in themselves and their ability. This is why we focus on nurturing a ‘can do’ attitude through positive teaching and focusing on practical strategies to support them.
This method has had proven success in helping our children thrive academically and beyond!


About Us

Learning Ladders was established a back in 2010 and has helped hundreds of students reach their full potential and go on to achieve academic excellence.

Learning Ladders supports home- schooled, stated and private school students to excel.

 The start of 2020 saw Learning Ladders move to a hybrid system; in person and online, bringing us to the present day, where we continue to offer English and Maths tuition to students around the world.

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What we offer

Affordable Face to face, online & group lessons

  • All Exam boards

  • Maths and English

  • Age 8 to 18+

Weekly lessons with  an experienced, fully qualified teacher & examiner with over 17 years experience of marking the new 9-1

Specialist lessons focusing on building your child's knowledge & skills to push them ahead

We actively promote positive mental health & well being through our lessons and workshops

Open & clear communication

with parents



Personal feedback & support. We mark work and track progress throughout a student's time with us, to provide transparency.

Instant access to a digital library of resources and other digital support offered beyond the lesson.

Work packs delivered for all

online lessons, provided in

real time

Color Pencils

"I would definitely recommend Learning Ladders. As a parent I can tell that Jane loves what she does. Since my daughter started with Learning Ladders last year to help with Maths we have seen a massive change in the way she tackles all her learning and this went hand in hand with starting her sessions with Jane. The little and big treats that Jane sends also is a great treat for them. The exam box was amazing. We would definitely recommend Jane and Learning Ladders."

Helen Stelling

Work with us

Learn in a way that works for you - choose from all the different ways or choose a combination of all the online options.

Work wit Us
tuition programmes

1-2-1 tuition


Delivered live online for students. Each lesson is tailored to meet the student’s needs. Personalised learning is one of the most powerful tools available in Education and teaching. The aim is to engage students in their learning, supporting them to find enthusiasm in English and Maths and of course understand the exams so they are prepared and feel confident.

Children need to know how to answer in the exam.  They struggle with what to write and how to structure their responses to maximise the marks.  This is one of the main reasons why a child needs a tutor for GCSE.

At Learning Ladders, we offer exam focused tuition specific to your child’s examination board, we work with mark schemes and model for your child how to maximise the marks in their exams.  It is all about technique.


Online Tuition has definitely risen to the challenge of offering a modern alternative to face-to-face tuition, and what’s better- it’s in the comfort of your own home or wherever they are based.

We keep our groups small to achieve the perfect blend of individual attention and group interaction. This helps build confidence and skills that students can use both in the context of school setting and beyond.


Each half term is designed to deliver one course or unit for English and Maths delivered by the same teacher for continuity. The group sessions run weekly. The same level of support is offered beyond the lesson for all students as it is for 1-2-1. Homework that is manageable is set and individual feedback is given. The group sessions  are designed to give students a supportive safe space to develop the skills required to pass their exams. Input from all students ensures there is a real spread of ideas. There are lots of opportunities for students to practice the skills needed. Other students do not see the answers which allows them to fully engage without any anxiety over getting the answers wrong. Camera and audio is also switched off.

For all the group sessions, it is expected that students:

  • Take notes on each session

  • Completing tasks is a crucial element to the process as it develops students understanding. Each task is uploaded to the platform for individual feedback. Each course has been set up to ensure students get the depth of knowledge and application of skills to excel in the exams.



Collaborative learning at its best online for Key stage 4/GCSE

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Math Formulas

GCSE Maths group sessions

Our Maths lessons students are not only given the skills required for each topic at GCSE, but also the crucial ability to identify what is required and perfect their exam technique in order to maximise marks. Sessions are planned and personalised to meet the needs of each group and students are given ample opportunity to work on areas they find most difficult. Students will cover Algebra, Number, Shape, Ratio and Proportion topics with an emphasis on problem solving skills built into every session. There are groups for both tiers of the papers- Foundation and Higher.

Helping students to achieve, whilst building confidence and self-esteem in their own ability, is what we do. Specialist with the many different examining boards and the specifications studied at local schools and beyond. We understand the importance of knowing exactly what examiners are looking for and exactly what is needed to ensure you child succeeds and receives the grades they’re truly capable of. 

Students will work on areas for development ensuring they understand what's needed for individual questions across the two English language examinations and the two English literature examinations. Students will be shown how to identify exactly what the examiner is asking and looking for and will have a secure understanding of how to structure their responses confidently.


GCSE English group sessions

Specialist tuition for all abilities

Typing on the Computer



This combines the power of group sessions and the support of 1-2-1 tuition. The combination of 1-2-1 support and collaborative  small tuition groups encourage growth in transferable skills. Termly assessments and parents evenings are also part of the package to keep your teenager on track.

In person lessons

These lessons take place in a group setting at the study centre in Cleadon. The sessions are small groups offering both 1: 1 and independent learning. The sessions at the study centre primarily deliver support to those in KS2 to KS3.


We understand how important it is for your child to get a break from a school setting for their face-to-face tuition. Our room at Cleadon is  conveniently located for easy of access from South Tyneside to Sunderland and offers a comfortable, safe environment for your child to feel relaxed and motivated to work.

They also contain the following excellent facilities:

  • Free water, juice and snacks for students

  • Free Wifi

  • Free Car Parking and beautiful surroundings for parents to wait outside.

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Core Values

We are incredibly passionate about enabling young people to really believe that they can achieve both academically and personally and strive to maintain these core values:


Inspire and succeed

Learn and grow

Challenge and achieve

Learning Ladders prides itself on the importance of emotional and social development and we actively promote with qualified third parties workshops and other support centred around promoting positive mental health and well-being for all young people. We are also hoping to offer free sign language lessons to all our students throughout 2024.

Core Values

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